1. 1.There may be a large number of aircraft attending.

The tendency is for many aircraft to arrive at roughly the same time.

  1. 2.Many of the aircraft are NORDO – all are welcome.

Pilots must be alert for NORDO traffic.

  1. 3.There is no positive ATC Control.

The field is Unicom, 122.775. Airfield advisories will be available and will be broadcast frequently.

  1. 4.Thus, pilots will find it helpful if an arrival procedure is in place which encourages a smoother traffic flow.

  1. 5.Since the Arrival Procedure must take into account pilots who are NORDO, or who do not see this advisory, the actual circuit entry must conform to Standard Circuit Entry procedures.

  1. 6.The Pilot-In-Command is solely responsible for establishing aircraft separation, and complying with standard circuit procedures.

Arrival Procedure:

Click on the link to view and download the Pilots Arrival Procedures document in either PDF or MSWord

Gathering of the Classics 2012

Saturday, August 11,

Rain Date, Sunday August 12

Time: 9:30 - 8:00

Arrival Advisory – Note: this briefing is for information purposes only, and in no way absolves the pilot in command from the responsibility of operating according to the CARS, and exercising good airmanship. The Edenvale Classic Aircraft Association, and the Edenvale Airport, in no way accept responsibility for the operation, airspace separation, ground separation, or handling of any aircraft attending the 2011 Gathering of the Classics. Pilots flying aircraft into the 2011 Gathering of the Classics, and taxiing on the ground, do so at their own risk.

This procedure worked well in 2010, with no incidents other than a few go-arounds. But there was needless radio chatter. Please “minimize the talking and maximize the seeing”.

PDF document 524 KBGathering_Arrivals_Procedures_files/Edenvale%20Gathering%20of%20the%20Classics%202011%20Arrival%20Briefing%20--%20smaller%20file.pdf
MS Word document 4MBGathering_Arrivals_Procedures_files/Edenvale%20Gathering%20of%20the%20Classics%202011%20Arrival%20Briefing%20--%20smaller%20file.doc