Step back in time and enjoy the magic of powered flight in an open cockpit. The Club's 1940's de Havilland Tiger Moth is a grand aircraft to experience the flight of a lifetime.



The Canuck was one of the first trainers to use side-by-side seating, making pilot instruction much easier than the usual tandem (one-behind-the-other) seating used up to that time.

Currently, there are 78 Canucks registered in Canada. The healthy number of surviving Fleet Canucks is a testament to the sound design of a unique Canadian aircraft.

Our Canuck  (serial No. 48) was built in 1946 in Fort Erie and delivered to its first owner on July 31 1946 carrying the registration C-FDPV which it carries to this day.  The logbooks we have for the aircraft begin in 1965 where the aircraft was operated in northern Quebec, followed by being used as the main instruction aircraft in a flying school located on Toronto Island.  This hardy airplane is fun on wheels, skis or floats.

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